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A Year in an Integrative Medicine Residency: Part Three

// Dr. Elizabeth Livengood – Anderson

Residency programs provide crucial hands-on learning which cannot be obtained on mass rotations, priceless mentorship from both integrative and allopathic physicians, and professional knowledge about business practices and patient relationships. Follow Dr. Elizabeth Livengood – Anderson one last time as she completes her year as an integrative medicine resident and discovers what drives her to call for additional integrative residencies around the country.

A Year in an Integrative Medicine Residency: Part Two

// Dr Elizabeth Livengood – Anderson

The half-way point of any endeavor marks a critical time to reflect on what has been accomplished and what lies ahead. Looking back on the first half of my year in an integrative medicine residency reveals a surprising shift in my confidence, a fine array of skills, plus a pivotal realization about acquiring these two assets. 

Personal Insights: Q&A with Dr. Mason Wallace

Dr. Mason Wallace is on a life-long journey to find the most beneficial treatments for his patients. Moving from his start as a National Guard medic and civilian EMT to specializing in respiratory therapy, Dr. Wallace witnessed firsthand how preventable most diseases he treated really were. Now holding a prestigious residency at Bastyr University, Dr. Wallace continues his quest to bring together the best approaches to primary care. 

A Year in an Integrative Medicine Residency: Part One

// Dr. Elizabeth Livengood – Anderson

Follow Dr Elizabeth Livengood – Anderson as she navigates her way through her year in an integrative medicine residency. In this first installment, Dr Livengood – Anderson discusses her first day on the job as the 2015-2016 STAIR resident, as well as what her day-to-day looks like.

My Integrated Residency Experience

// Jessica E Hancock, ND

As I approach the end of a yearlong residency with Natural Medicine Plus (NMP) and Urgent Care Plus (UCP) in Helena, MT, I realize what a phenomenal learning experience working in an integrated clinical setting has been. The integration of a primary care naturopathic clinic with a conventional urgent care clinic is special in that both businesses operate independently yet work with an open floor plan whereby Urgent Care Plus shares space with Natural Medicine Plus. The hallway that links the clinics is the common artery where information flows and connection occurs. The integration of the clinics takes place in a variety of ways from quick consultations to referrals to scheduled case reviews. The flow of patients between UCP and NMP is guided by the central question: ”What is in the best interest of this patient at this time?”

Yes - Your Clinic Would Be a Great Residency Site

// Nancy Aagenes, ND

If you don’t think you are a good choice for a residency site, think again! Years ago Dr. Tori Hudson started talking to me about the possibility of taking on a resident in my clinic. I thought that my area of interest—care of midlife women—might be too narrow for creating good residency training. I also worried about cost. Would having a resident decrease my own income? Did I have enough patients to start sharing with a resident?


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