How to Use Pinterest for Patient Education

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When considering social media for your practice Pinterest isn’t always the one that pops to the top of the list in terms of priority. However, with an engagement time of 1 hour and 17 minutes - well beyond any other social network1 - it’s a perfect opportunity to engage patients (and potential patients).

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

How to Use Pinterest for Patient Education

#1: Health Diagrams & Images

As a healthcare professional, you likely have a library of images that you are routinely sharing with patients via print outs, as posters within the exam room, or online during the exam. The web is full of images that are robust, colorful and easily interpreted by patients. Pinterest offers a great opportunity for you to pull multiple images that are relevant for your audience together, all in one place. Consider creating a board for each common condition that you see within your practice, and include diagrams of the affected body system and functions. You may use this board within the exam, or make note of it on the take home instructions for your patients. Best of all is they now have a location to reference back to after they have left your office.


#2: Recipe Suggestions & Food Facts

One of the most popular categories on Pinterest is food. Providing food facts can help educate your patients to make the right decisions when it comes to improving their diet. Beyond food facts, offer recipes that they can feel good about enjoying. Depending on your patient base, you may want to be even more specific, such as a board featuring low glycemic index foods and recipes. For inspiration, see Dr. Gottfried’s board of “Food that Serves You”.

#3: Words of Wisdom

The primary goal of patient education is to keep them engaged and an active part of improving their health. Part of this includes inspiring them to take control. Offering snippets of wisdom, be it quotes from across the globe, or a simple reminder or tip from you as their healthcare professional can go a long way. For example, check out this pinner who is dedicated to sharing inspirational words.

#4: Exercise, Stretches and Tools

Often, patients are told they need to exercise more….but they either don’t know where to begin, or how to mix up their routine enough to make it interesting. Share content that features exercise recommendations, yoga poses, equipment, a variety of low-impact options, or additional details on which exercise is the right fit given your patients health concerns.

Combining these techniques gives your patients a destination to engage with as you continue to add new content. Beyond their consumption of your content, it also provides an easy opportunity for them to share, or repin, your content with the rest of the Pinterest community – giving your brand additional visibility.

Happy pinning!

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