Experience is My Standard of Care

// Andrew Brandeis, ND


Experience, not knowledge, is the biggest limiting factor between good and great doctors.

It is impossible for doctors to know everything, so we rely on clinical reference tools like Epocrates to help guide our decisions. Unfortunately, knowledge sources can be broken and it seems every clinical reference is a drug reference biased by pharma or business interests.

All doctors have access to the same knowledge sources, but when bias causes these sources to fail, where do we turn? We may reach out to a network of mentors through email, phone or even social media. But often this is where the real issue begins - ask 15 doctors the same question and you'll get 15 different answers. Worse still, the experience that’s captured in these forums is unstructured, not consumable at the point of care, and lost.

Natural medicine's roots are in anecdotes. For thousands of years we've been using clinical observation to drive clinical outcomes. We need a way to combine the methods of the past with the technology of the present to advance the medicine of the future.

SharePractice - clinical reference for doctors, by doctors

SharePractice is a free app that structures and shares doctors' clinical experience at the point-of-care. Within the app, practitioners can search for any information on a variety of health topics, then rank and comment on all the available remedies. Don't like conventional products for urinary tract health? Vote it down. Like Cranberry Forte? Add it to the list and tell your colleagues why.


The only way to remove pharmaceutical bias from doctor's reference tools is to build our own.

All kinds of doctors are sharing their clinical pearls and aggregating their experiences into the first integrative medicine clinical reference. MDs, DCs and NDs can collaborate and share their knowledge. Imagine what happens when doctors in NY collaborate with specialists in Zurich and get feedback from Ayurvedic doctors in India. For the first time, clinical decisions are driven not by what sales reps tell you, rather what 10,000 doctors agree is most effective.

Take back medicine. Join SharePractice and tell us something we don't know.


Dr. Andrew Brandeis is a Naturopathic Doctor, healthcare technology consultant, and co-founder of the collaborative clinical reference SharePractice. Dr. Brandeis earned his doctoral degree from Bastyr University in 2008. He currently practices at San Francisco’s Care Practice.


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