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While taking our products, always work with an integrative medicine practitioner who can help determine which supplements are right for your specific health concerns and goals.


Our products are available at select integrative medicine clinics and wellness centers. Products are also available through limited, authorized online retailers, including

Frequently asked questions

The FDA does not approve supplements, (so beware of any brand or supplement claiming to be), however, despite what some may claim - the FDA does have regulatory guidance for the nutritional supplement industry. They regulate the ingredients, the “final product”, and all claims that a manufacturer makes on the label under a rule known as the “Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act” (aka “DSHEA”). They also perform inspections within manufacturing facilities, in order for brands to obtain “Good Manufacturing Practices” status. At Integrative, we are one of only a few companies who manufacture both supplements, and OTC medicines, which dictates our status as a “Drug Good Manufacturing Practices” audited facility. A rare attribute of excellence within the industry.

We develop formulas based on established ingredient research, with premium, active, ingredients at their researched levels of dosing. We also carry several products, which have been featured by name within clinical studies, including Silexan (Lavela), Theracurmin, GutGard (Rhizinate), PepZin GI (Zinc-Carnosine) and Pycrinil (Motility Activator). PubMed, is your best resource for the latest supplement ingredient research.

No, they can be found through a limited, authorized set of online retailers, including and However, because of the specialized formulations, and the role that diet, lifestyle, diagnostics and routine lab testing plays into your progress, we strongly encourage partnering with a healthcare provider to achieve the best results.

We invest in cutting-edge equipment and manufacturing controls to ensure the safety of products and employees. This includes controlled security card access, temperatures, humidity and air pressure controls, HEPA filtration, and defined operation rooms to prevent cross-contamination. Our ingredient and product testing process is rigorous - including identity (each ingredient is exactly what it claims to be), safety (heavy metal, pesticide, aflatoxins, microbial and impurity testing), potency (dosing remains true from the point of manufacture, through to expiration), and bioavailability (how the ingredients are released and absorbed - which means you derive the benefits). These are critical components to delivering consistent benefits and results.