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Glutamine Function and Dosing

// Sarah Cook, ND

Glutamine is a conditionally essential amino acid and dosing varies widely among clinical trials and in clinical practice. This blog post highlights some of the dosing options for glutamine and the function and risks of different dosage protocols.

Prebiotics, Probiotics, and Enzymes

// Amy Doyle, MS, CNS

A healthy gastrointestinal system is the cornerstone of proper functioning of all the other systems in the body. By supporting the intestinal mucosal function and ability to digest and assimilate nutrients, we can optimize overall health.* In reviewing multiple body systems it is critical to assess the digestive function and possible need for targeted support from digestive enzymes, prebiotics, and/or probiotics.*

Why Good Health Starts With Gut Health

// Lauren M. Martin, MS, CNS and Corey Schuler, RN, CNS, LN, DC

With growing interest in the human digestive tract, many individuals are curious about overall gut health. The gastrointestinal tract starts at the mouth and continues all the way through the colon. Throughout the gastrointestinal tract are bacteria, fungi, and archaea, also known as the gut microbiota, which play a major role in digestive and total body health.1,2 Explore gut health and few tips for jump starting your journey here.

What Does Hypoallergenic Mean? (And How it Applies to the Elemental Diet)

// Corey Schuler, RN, MS, CNS, DC

According to the dictionary definition, hypoallergenic is designed to reduce or minimize the possibility of an allergic response, as by containing relatively few or no potentially irritating substances. For a product to maintain hypoallergenicity, ingredients derived from potentially allergenic sources should be eliminated throughout the entire supply chain. What does this mean for an elemental diet product which consists of macronutrients broken down into their elemental form requiring little to no digestive functionality? Discover more about the use of the term hypoallergenic and how it applies to the elemental diet in this post.

The Digestion of Lipids, an Essential Macronutrient

// Christopher Oswald, DC, CNS

Recent research has reaffirmed the power of eating lipids of the right type in the proper ratios. Lipids, or more technically triglycerides, are an essential macronutrient for the human body. The elaborate symphony of physiology necessary for the digestion of lipids is important to understand.

The Most Important Attributes of Probiotics

// Lauren M. Martin, MS, CNS and Corey Schuler, RN, CNS, LN, DC

To experience health benefits from probiotic supplementation, it’s important to understand which attributes make a probiotic effective. Probiotics are often used for general health or as a means to restore normal function after an insult to one’s health. Further, probiotics can be used for specific and targeted support given an individual’s health status.

Intestinal Permeability Tests: The Old and the New

// Amy Doyle, MS, CNS

Various forms of injury can occur to the intestinal barrier, including an unhealthy change in the microbiome, epithelial cell damage, and tight junction deterioration.  Whenever any of these insults occur, the structure, composition, and function of the mucosal barrier are assaulted and there is a danger of increased permeability and an associated risk of gastrointestinal and extra-intestinal pathologies.3 As the awareness of this association expands, more and more non-invasive laboratory tests to assess intestinal permeability are becoming available.

The Role of Hydrochloric Acid in Aiding Digestion

// Anne Thiel, ND

Acid in the stomach serves several purposes, but is mostly associated with dissolving proteins and polysaccharides so they can cross the intestinal epithelium. Hydrochloric acid contributes to protein digestion by supplying H+ which activates pepsinogen, the precursor to pepsin.

Constipation in Women - a Common Primary Care Digestive Issue

// Tori Hudson, ND

For women and the elderly, constipation may be significant enough to cause them to seek medical attention. It is one of the most common gastrointestinal complaints and it has been estimated that at least 4.5 million people, two thirds of them women, suffer from constipation that is frequent and problematic enough to require medical attention.

Digestive Function and Aging

// Amy Doyle, MS, CNS

Digestion is a complex coordination of interactions between mechanical, chemical, and neurological activity, and aging can alter the function of each of these activities. Individuals over the age of 65 seek medical care for gastrointestinal (GI) related complaints more often than any other age group. Go step—by-step though the process of digestive function and aging.


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