Principle 3: Restore Healthy Intestinal Mucosa

The human gut contains endotoxin, cellular mediators, and bacteria. Under healthy conditions, the epithelial lining of the gastrointestinal tract forms a selectively-permeable membrane that permits the absorption of nutrients from the diet while presenting a barrier against potentially harmful agents. Maintaining optimal structure and function of the intestinal mucosa plays an essential role in supporting overall health and wellness.

Intestinal permeability can be assessed by laboratory tests (such as the mannitol-lactulose test) or by clinical observation. Identifying and temporarily eliminating foods to which the body is sensitive supports healthy intestinal permeability and the right balance of cellular mediators. Research indicates that nutritional factors may help to support mucosal health and promote normal intestinal permeability. These factors include certain antioxidants and mucosal nutrients.

Permeability Factors™
is an intestinal permeability complex providing targeted nutritional support to rebuild and restore GI lining.

Glutamine Forté
is a great-tasting drink mix that combines glutamine (5 grams per serving) with Theracurmin™ bioavailable curcumin.


provides intestinal antioxidant protection and is an ideal adjuvant to either Permeability Factors or Glutamine Forté.

Coltect - Colon Support

is a unique combination of enteric-coated curcumin, green tea, and selenomethionine designed to support colon comfort and promote a healthy cell mediator response.


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